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April 2010 Newsletter


    Spring Cleaning - Part I

As we rejoice in the beauty of spring, it is an excellent time to assess the condition of our properties. The structures we utilize to worship in are often exposed to many harsh environmental forces, not to mention a high volume of traffic causing wear and tear. A simple “Spring Checklist” is a great way to be sure the interior maintenance requirements are being met on our buildings.

Please note licensed, insured professionals should be used for specialized maintenance and repairs such as electrical, plumbing, heating/air conditioning work, etc.


Flooring repair
(Carpet, Rugs, Tile, Linoleum, Laminate, Stairway & Steps)

 Plumbing updates 

Electrical updates
A/C updates 
Cosmetic repair
(Handrails, Countertops, Doors/Doorknobs/Locks,
Fire code compliance
(Fire Extinguishers, Smoke Detectors, CO2 Detectors, Emergency Lighting & Exit Signs)