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April 2011 Newsletter


    Copper Theft Awareness & Prevention

Over the past several years copper theft has seen a dramatic increase across the country.   The attractive value of copper has fueled the appetite of criminals to make opportunistic strikes on structures boasting copper components. An internet search will provide unlimited stories of the dramatic financial impact and damage a copper thief can have on a facility.

This type of crime can certainly be considered a crime of opportunity. So, please take a moment to minimize the access, temptation and opportunity a criminal might have to strip your property of its copper features. 
  • Consider the benefits of motion detection lighting, security cameras or alarms.
  • Enclose A/C units with steel cages.
  • Remove shrubs and other aesthetic features to limit hiding places near and around A/C units.
  • Remove exterior access to the roof. Yes, even rooftop A/C units are targets!
A few adjustments can deter thieves and provide protection against a potentially costly copper theft claim.