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April 2014 Newsletter


    Volunteer Drivers

It is important for a driver to consider all aspects of responsible driving anytime they get behind the wheel.  A volunteer driver must pay particular attention to such considerations, and as a religious institution with volunteer drivers, you must go beyond simple consideration; you must also manage and train!
Religious institutions are encouraged to provide ample information and instruction to aid volunteer drivers.  A safety handbook outlining the requirements and expectations for driver and vehicle usage is a great tool.  The more information you can provide to a driver, the better they can assess their ability and desire to accept such an important duty. 
Volunteer Requirements:

  • Require all volunteers to submit a clear copy of a valid driver’s license. 
  • Notify all applicants that a motor vehicle report will likely be obtained. 
  • Limit the volunteer list to five people per vehicle.  It is best to have a few well-trained drivers who are very familiar with the vehicles in the fleet.  Inexperience is dangerous.
  • Require a training and safety course be completed by each volunteer.
  • Uphold the age requirements set forth by your insurance carrier.
  • Accept volunteers who are in good health and require physician statements as needed.

Trip Requirements:

  • Require a vehicle request form be submitted for each activity.
  • Travel logs and maintenance logs must be completed by all users.
  • Pre- and post-travel vehicle inspections must be completed by drivers.
  • User requirements such as no cell phone use, refueling, etc. should be posted.
  • Provide a visible reminder of the capacity requirements for each vehicle.
  • Consider limiting the radius traveled.  If a vehicle request is made for a long trip, require multiple drivers to provide relief and limit driver fatigue.

There are many ways to tailor a driver handbook for your religious institution.  These are just a few suggestions.  However you design yours, we encourage you to be thorough and concise.  Safe travels!
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