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April 2016 Newsletter


    Parking Lot Care & Maintenance

The expense of replacing a deteriorated parking lot can prove to be a costly endeavor.  Much like other large and expensive assets, regular maintenance can extend its life span and save significant money in the long term.  A well-maintained parking lot can also help reduce the risk of unnecessary trip and fall claims or automobile damage.  And, once the work is complete, you have the added benefit of an aesthetically appealing entrance into your place of worship.

A concrete and asphalt company can easily provide an estimate of needed repairs.  They may even be able to provide a recommended timeline for repairs, thus allowing your property committee adequate time to consider options and prepare and plan for upcoming maintenance needs.

Please take a moment to do a walking inspection of your parking lot to look for signs of deterioration.


  1. Do you see ruts, potholes, cracks, depressions or any uneven surfaces or grades?
  2. Is the striping clearly visible?  Do the handicap, emergency vehicle and no parking zones have the necessary markings?
  3. Are the parking bumpers, safety posts, guard rails, speed bumps and other barriers secured and free of protruding nails, bolts or stakes?  Do they have the proper color markings?
  4. If your parking lot has manhole covers, drain covers and grates be sure they are marked and well secured.  They should be significant and not easily removed.
  5. Lighting and signage are crucial checklist items.  Verify your lot is well lit with enough overhead lighting to safely illuminate the entire area.  Also, be sure directional and information signage is legible and in a location with good visibility.

As noted above, proper parking lot maintenance is an important loss control measure.  Please discuss this information with your church clients.






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