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April 2017 Newsletter



The Easter season is upon us.  We gather with family, friends and our faith-based communities to celebrate the season and all that it represents.  We hope you have a wonderful Easter and encourage you to take a look at some added safety precautions to insure you have a safe holiday.

Crime Coverage

Easter is known to have some of the largest attendance numbers of the year.  Review your crime coverage and be aware of your current protection limits for a potential increase in tithing.  There may be additional requirements for increased coverage limits.  However, they may be worthwhile for the extra protection.

Premises Safety

As you prepare your premise to accommodate added volume, consider a walk-through with maintenance staff, volunteers and ushers, board members and prominent staff members.  Highlight areas with safety concerns.  Any slip/fall hazard, electrical or lighting maintenance, or plumbing or water issues that may be over due should be noted and quickly repaired. 

If your building has level changes such as stairs, ramps or stoops, please plan to post volunteers at each location to assist and verbally notify guests to watch their step.   

All offices and secondary locations such as utility closets or maintenance rooms should be locked and marked for authorized personal only. 

Exterior sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, signs and lighting should all be in great shape.

Extra seating should be wisely assembled and arranged in a safe manner.

Be aware of seating capacity limits and fire code violations.


If you plan to host special events, please plan for insurance reviews and proper self-guided site inspections.

Easter egg hunts should be held in a clearly marked designated area.  Inspect the area for all types of trip and fall hazards.  Choose baskets, eggs and gifts that are allergy safe, age appropriate and pose no choking threat or harm.  Clearly state the rules of the hunt – parent supervision, no running or pushing and the recommended age of participants.  Provide ample volunteer support and supervision.

Live bunnies, animals or a petting zoo attraction should be addressed with the insurance provider.  Unique situations often require additional underwriting.

Church Underwriters, Inc. will be closed on Good Friday, April 14, 2017.



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