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August 2010 Newsletter


    Pay It Forward...

Volunteers and Their Safety
 Every institution is grateful for the generous spirit of its volunteers. They greet parishioners on Sunday, tidy up on Monday and assist in a myriad of ways throughout the week. The challenge lies in how to safely manage volunteers, their level of participation and the tasks they perform.
We encourage all congregations to establish a manual to help manage and define volunteer duties. Please consider these simple suggestions of what to include in such a manual.

General Information
Name, address, phone, e-mail address
Emergency contact information
Health or medical conditions
Availability and areas of interest
Do’s and Don’ts
Prepare a list of tasks suitable for volunteer participation.
(i.e. service greeter, Sunday school teacher, planting flowers, light cleaning)
Prepare a list of tasks NOT suitable for volunteer participation.
(i.e. tree trimming, roof repair, power tool operation, work which requires tall ladders, construction / carpentry, electrical or plumbing work, etc.)
Safety, Training and Screening
Hold semi-annual volunteer meetings to outline service needs and safety requirements.
Provide safe and well-maintained products, supplies and tools for volunteer use.
Establish clear expectations and supervision for the safety and well-being of all parties.
Demonstrate and practice safe usage of supplied products.
Hold volunteer drills and post clear steps to follow in case of an emergency.
Screen volunteers for past indiscretions or other circumstances which may render them inappropriate for service in a specific area or for a specific task.



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