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    Generator Safety

We have all experienced a power outage and thankfully they are usually brief with minimal impact.  However, in the event of a powerful storm you may find yourself facing a much more lengthy and serious situation.  Each year parts of the country are faced with power outages that range from days to weeks before service is fully restored.  In these extreme situations, generators are a great asset.

Safety tips -


  1. Read and closely follow the manufacturer’s instructions and warnings.
  2. Situate the generator in an area with proper ventilation.  Do not locate the machine indoors or near an enclosed area where proper ventilation is limited. 
  3. Locate the machine in a dry area free from rain, snow and moisture.
  4. Install a Carbon Monoxide detector for added protection against CO poisoning.
  5. Refuel machines only after they have been turned off and allowed to cool.  Gas fumes can ignite and extreme caution should be used during the refueling process.  Store gas in proper canisters and in safe locations.
  6. The machine can be hot to the touch.  Provide a safety barrier to avoid contact burns.
  7. Do not overload the machine and follow power rating guidelines.
  8. Be sure the machine is properly grounded. 
  9. Do not plug the machine into an electrical outlet.  This is extremely dangerous.
  10. Allow only trained adults to operate and maintain a generator.






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