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August 2016 Newsletter


    Playground Safety

For most school-aged kids the social, physical and pure entertainment value of a playground is undeniable.  However, each year playground related injuries are reported.  As we look ahead to the start of a new school year, we encourage you to inspect your playground area to help reduce the number of hazards, claims and related injuries.


  Establish an equipment list. 

Review each piece of equipment and sign off on a multi-point inspection.  Look for missing or damaged screws, chains, hooks and hinges.  Inspect for cracked plastic, rusted metal, wood splinters and loose materials.  Review the handrails and guardrails for appropriate placement and security.  Is each piece of equipment free of entrapment dangers? Determine if basic maintenance needs like paint, grease and a basic sanitary clean-up is required.  Playground equipment needs to be commercial-grade and professionally installed.

Play Area

  Designate a clear playground area.

Playground areas need to provide a certain level of safety.  Do you have the necessary and recommended protective ground covering and surface?  Have you allocated an appropriate sized safety zone around each piece of playground equipment?  Is the playground area located in a low traffic and safe area?  Are trip and fall hazards and other protruding dangers removed from the area?  Does your state have regulations or legislation that you are required to follow? 

Security and Safety

  Post safety requirements and require supervision.

Allow children to play only on age appropriate equipment.  Require appropriate clothing free of strings and other loose items that may catch and pose great danger.  Supervise the use of playground equipment and prohibit overcrowding or unsafe shenanigans. 




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