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August 2018 Newsletter


    Pedestrian Safety

August is Pedestrian Safety Month.  This is a great time to look at the safety measures in place to help protect pedestrians.  Please consider a few simple ideas to help you do your part.

Parking Lots

If there is a parking lot attached or adjacent to your property, there are likely pedestrian walkways for people to safely make their way into the building.  View the sightlines and notice if a pedestrian crossing sign or mirror should be placed in hard to see areas.  Is the area properly painted and marked to designate the preferred safe crossing spot?  If you have a parking lot adjacent to your property, do you have a clearly defined crosswalk?  If it is a busy street more official street sign and lights may be advantageous. 

Sidewalks and Steps

The sidewalks and steps around properties take a lot of abuse.  They are high traffic areas for pedestrians and an integral part in safely moving people around your site.  Notice if there is buckling, uneven slabs or deterioration.  If so, it is likely time to replace certain sections which show signs of wear and tear.  Are the stairs and steps sufficiently supported from underneath?  The outside tread area may be secure but the underbelly of the steps and stairs may be deteriorating and in need of maintenance.   Are railings in place and firmly secured?  Add railings as needed and secure any railings which are loose.


Draw attention to all pedestrian walkways.  Place overhead lights in key areas to illuminate designated crosswalks.  Consider elevated mirrors for motorist and pedestrians to use in tough to see areas.  Install traditional or flashing pedestrian signs to alert drivers to proceed with caution.  In some states, it’s the law to stop for pedestrians entering a crosswalk.  Paint areas which are designated for safe pedestrian use.  Also, paint any areas which have a change in elevation or trip hazard.  Finally, consider adding a slip resistant treatment to stair treads and marking steps with safety paint.




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