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August 2019 Newsletter


    Brake Safety

August is National Brake Safety Awareness Month.  Quickly name the top five most important operating systems on a vehicle.  Brakes are likely high on your list.  They are a critical component in the safe operation of all vehicles.  Yet, we do not typically provide servicing and inspections every three months/3,000 miles as we do for a regular oil change.  Therefore, it is very important to be aware of any changes to the brake system and establish a routine brake inspection schedule for all vehicles.
Consider making a brake inspection a part of your annual tire rotation.  The tires are off and it is a great opportunity to have your auto technician do a thorough inspection of the brake pads/shoes, rotors/drums and fluids.  Combining multiple inspections in one stop is an easy time saving way to maintain your vehicle and peace of mind.

On your day-to-day drives be aware of any changes in the vehicle’s operating condition.  Brakes will start to give signs that failure or deterioration has begun.  The pressure and sensations felt while depressing the pedal may change – sticky/mushy or hard/soft are common descriptors.  You may notice a vibration or gripping/grabbing feeling while trying to slow down.  There may be noises like a screech or scraping sound that begin to emerge.  The vehicle may pull to one side or the other while stopping.  Plus, pay attention to any warning light that may illuminate and schedule a service appointment immediately.

Simple steps are all you need to protect your vehicles, drivers and passengers.  There is no amount of care and caution too great when it comes to automotive safety!  




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