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February 2012 Newsletter


    Sexual Abuse and Molestation

In previous newsletters we have discussed Sexual Abuse and Molestation coverage, protection and prevention.  We feel this is an important topic and one that requires constant awareness, education and planning.  It is the goal of every religious group to provide spiritual growth and leadership to all who pass through their doors.  It is also the goal to provide these things in a safe, secure and protected environment.

Do not fear and turn away from an uncomfortable topic.  This is a very real and timely issue for our congregations.  Church leadership and staff should welcome educational opportunities to aid in establishing a knowledge base which will allow them to address key issues in developing a Sexual Abuse and Molestation plan.  Seek resources from insurance providers, law enforcement and/or professional counselors who specialize in this area.
Aim to be relentless in your pursuit to screen, observe and protect.  It is possible that an individual has a clean record, yet will still pursue inappropriate behavior and contact with a minor.  Constant and regular monitoring is crucial.  Discuss the benefits of using simple and valuable tools such as awareness, common sense, gut instincts and keen observations skills.
Research and Screening
We are in the age of unlimited data and electronic resources.  Please take advantage of all that is available in providing safeguards.  It is important to do everything from performing background checks to utilizing the National Sex Offenders Public Website.  Youth leaders or mentors should certainly understand the value and need for proactive and careful screening.  After all, their goal is to protect and guide youth in a positive and safe manner as well. 
We are happy to aid in the conversation as you renew your efforts to protect your congregation!
Please contact Church Underwriters with any questions you might have. 





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