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February 2014 Newsletter


    Flood Coverage


Spring flood risk is a major concern for a great deal of our country.  The melting snow combined with spring showers can spell disaster for those in high risk areas.  Depending on the year, it can be disastrous for those in low-to-mid range risk areas as well.  Many insurance commercial package policies do not provide any coverage for flood-related damage.  Most policies limit or exclude coverage all together.  To avoid unnecessary complications, please be aware of your situation.

  • Assumption of coverage does not protect you.  Carefully review your policy language for all definitions, limitations and exclusions. 
  • Pursue alternate options to cover the gaps which may exist in your primary coverage.  Inquire about the possibility of adding a ‘Limited Flood Coverage Endorsement’ to your existing policy or research what benefits the National Flood Insurance Program may provide.
  • Be aware that most flood-related policies require a 30-day waiting period before a policy is effective.  Also, if you are currently experiencing flood-related losses you will likely be ineligible for most programs. 


  • Once adequate coverage is acquired, take a second look at your flood plan. 
  • Protect important and irreplaceable documents and objects.  Important documents and photos should go into a waterproof bag while memorabilia and heirlooms should be removed and moved to a safe location.
  • Furniture and other contents should be moved to higher ground. 
  • Sump pumps and battery backups should be in working order.
  • Sand bags and temporary levees may also provide a critical line of defense.

Please remember this type of coverage requires foresight and planning.  You will likely not receive a 30-day advanced warning from Mother Nature about impending precipitation and flood risks.  So, be protected by proactively securing appropriate coverage before it is too late.





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