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February 2015 Newsletter


    Youth Trips

An active youth program is an important aspect of any congregation.  It is a great way to reach out and encourage kids to build a strong spiritual foundation for the future.  We encourage creativity and inspired ways to entice and lead young members all the while keeping safety in mind.

Each year we get a number of incident reports involving a youth outing.  Many events may seem fun and harmless on paper and even during the planning stages of a trip.  However, overlooking the need to limit liability exposures is more common than we would prefer.  So, please consider these ideas when planning your youth trips and outings.


  1. List all possible trip destinations.
  2. List all possible trip activities.
  3. Contact your insurance provider to discuss all of the above.
  4. Remove all options not approved or recommended by your insurance provider.
  5. Follow all insurance guidelines for waivers, chaperones, student/teacher ratio, background checks and auto/travel regulations for drivers and vehicles.

It is our intent to provide as many safeguards as possible to insure a safe and fun event.  Please contact your insurance provider before embarking on any youth trip or outing.




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