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January 2011 Newsletter



 Insurance Reviews

A church board has many obligations to fulfill during the course of a year. Its duties often reach beyond the spiritual well-being of its congregation to things like insurance. 

As we start a new year, please take time to review your client’s insurance needs. This project can be one of the most valuable tasks you perform all year. Protecting your religious institution client comes down to more than just dollars and cents; it is also about proper, specialized and high-quality insurance coverage.
Please consider the following questions:
Building and Property
  • Has the square footage changed?
  • Have building updates or improvements been made in the past year?
  • Has there been a change in business personal property?
  • Have structures been purchased, sold or rented?

 Workers Compensation

  • Have staffing levels changed?
  • Do class codes need to be updated or changed?
  • Is appropriate documentation maintained and up-date-date for any independent contractors? 

  • Are there newly added special events that need special coverage considerations?
  • Do they lease or loan space to outside organizations?
  • Is there a daycare, preschool or school established onsite? 
 Additional Coverage
  • Have changes been made to the automobile schedule?
  • Is the directors & officers coverage rated for the appropriate number of participants, if applicable?
  • Is the umbrella coverage adequate?
  • Do mortgagees need to be added or deleted from a policy?
We understand that updating your insurance policy might not always be a priority for your clients. However, in the event of a loss, a properly tailored, updated and well understood insurance policy may be their best friend.





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