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January 2018 Newsletter


    Cold & Flu Season

Brrr!  Winter is here and we are likely spending more time indoors to avoid the cold.  We are grateful for our warm refuge as we seek comfort against the chill of Mother Nature’s ice box.  We are also susceptible to an increase in cold and flu cases as a result of being indoors so much.

As an organization which hosts many people each and every week, your facility can easily become an unwelcome host to shared germs.  So, let’s review a few easy steps to help safeguard your premises and people against sharing more than you intend.


Review with your custodial crew the importance of taking the sterilization and cleaning process seriously this time of year.  Add doorknobs, light switches, desks, tables and countertops to the list of items to be sanitized often.  If you have volunteers serving coffee or donuts during fellowship hour, please remind them that dish towels, washcloths and table linens should be laundered after each use.  Also, sponges and like items used to clean surfaces should be discarded after use.   And, of course, their own personal hygiene is critical.  Wash hands, wear gloves and abstain from volunteering if ill!


Ask your volunteers to stay home if they are not feeling well.  You don’t want the weekly greeters shaking hands, passing out information while suffering from a fever, runny nose or watery eyes.  Also, provide ample hand sanitizer and Kleenex for their use as well as the use of members and guests.


While attendance is a value for all, sickness is not.  Remind your congregation members to stay home if they are ill.  If you have a webcast option, perhaps you can remind them to utilize this feature to stay connected.  Also, as previously mentioned, provide hand sanitizer, Kleenex and full hand soap dispensers during the height of cold and flu season. 

It takes just one person to itch their running nose and then shake your hand to share their germs.  Or, one innocent sneeze to spread a virus into the common air space.  Do your part to provide more than just a warm refuge by adding the bonus of a clean and well sanitized space as well.

**Reminder – With colder temperatures also comes the increased risk of frozen pipes.  Check your thermostats and make sure heat is maintained in the building when the building is not is use, even in traditionally warmer climates.




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