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January 2019 Newsletter


    Snow Removal

Slip and fall incidents in the winter are a concern for congregations.  It is important to keep our parking lots and walkways free of ice and snow.  A clean and clear path for our members and guests is essential for injury prevention.  Please consider a few reminders for those clearing our sidewalks and parking lots.



  • Wear proper cold weather clothing and secure footwear.
  • Shovel in small intervals.  Allow ample time for breaks to warm-up, rest and hydrate.
  • Be sure healthy and physically fit individuals are shoveling.  There are many warnings about shoveling with conditions such as heart disease among others.
  • Use proper body alignment and placement to protect the body from strains and injury.

Snow Blowing

  • Only allow trained maintenance or property managers to operate snow blowers.
  • Keep the area free of pedestrians while in operation.
  • Start and run the machine out-of-doors.  Especially gas powered machines.
  • Turn off the machine to perform all maintenance and cleaning.

Snow Plow Service

  • Outline the property, sidewalks and driveways with poles to set a clear boundary for snow plow operators.
  • Arrange for salt and ice melting pellets be distributed throughout the property.
  • Schedule plow services to be completed in a timely manner accommodating the unique hours and needs of a congregation.


  • Be sure an appropriate amount of de-icer is available.
  • Provide a scoop, bucket and clear accessibility not just for maintenance or property managers, but also for volunteers and/or ushers who may need to address an icy patch.

By following the basic steps outlined above, we can keep our people and our premises safe.



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