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January 2020 Newsletter


    Building Use Policy

Many churches consider it part of their mission to open their facilities for use by members and outside groups.  Providing facilities for such events as public elections or scout troops demonstrates hospitality and stewardship of the church’s resources.  Once a decision is made to open your facilities; it is imperative to have a comprehensive "Building Use Policy".  This policy will serve as a standard to determine who can use the facilities, how they can be used safely and how the church can minimize their exposure to loss.

Several factors should be considered when setting a “Building Use Policy”:

  1. Decide who will be the “gatekeeper” in charge of approving requests for use.  The decision maker could be a church staff member or a committee.
  2. Develop a calendar so everyone knows the upcoming schedules
  3. Determine what fees, deposits or clean up fees to charge -
    1. Will members have a reduced or waived fee?
    2. Will fees be variable based on services required?
  4. Establish guidelines for the days and times the facilities may be used
  5. Establish prohibited activities such as serving alcoholic beverages
  6. Prepare a written application form that includes the following terms –
    1. Information on the applicant’s liability coverage
    2. Request for a certificate of insurance naming the church as Additional Insured
    3. Dates and times the applicant wants to use the church facilities
    4. Fee schedule for total rental costs, any security deposits, cleanup costs, child care costs and food preparation costs




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