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July 2015 Newsletter


    Yard Safety

The task of maintaining a well-manicured lawn and outdoor space is very important.  It demonstrates great pride in ownership and presents a safe area for parishioners to enjoy.  We encourage you to review and establish safety guidelines for anyone involved in the maintenance of your property.  A few simple steps and reminders may go a long way in preventing a mishap.

Lawn mowing –

  1. Professionally maintain all lawn mowers and trimmers. 
  2. Store gasoline and other toxic or flammable products in a secure area.
  3. Only allow adults who are properly trained to operate machines.
  4. Inspect the grounds for debris which may go airborne and damage nearby property.
  5. Require gloves, goggles, ear plugs, sturdy shoes and proper clothing be worn at all times.

Debris removal –

  1. Do not allow ladders, chain saws or other dangerous items to be used in debris removal.
  2. Be mindful of the weight of bagged leaves and yard clippings.
  3. Use proper lifting techniques when moving yard garbage. 
  4. Remove dead branches, trees or shrubs to avoid injury or damage to property.
  5. Restrict burning leaves and debris piles to avoid a large grass or property fire.

Weed and insect prevention -

  1. Read all labels and safety instructions carefully on weed and insect chemicals.
  2. Only allow adults to handle the chemical and require strict compliance with all safety recommendations.
  3. Be aware of changing wind and weather patterns that may impact application.
  4. Clearly mark all work areas to prevent pets, kids and adults from wondering into a dangerous situation.
  5. Store all chemicals in a secure area.




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