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July 2016 Newsletter


    Restroom Maintenance

The restroom facilities are one of the most important areas in a building.  We also understand they are typically not a high priority agenda item at board meetings.  However, it may be time for your maintenance supervisor to conduct a thorough examination and report on the condition of the public restroom facilities in your building. 

Structural Safety and Maintenance:

Entrance door, cubicles, partitions and dividers
Is the entrance door properly attached to its hinges?  Are all handles and locks intact and functional? Are door stops placed correctly?  Are heavy doors attached to a functional spring?  Are stall doors leading to restroom cubicles secure to the partition frame?  Is the partition frame properly attached to the wall and supporting pieces? Are urinal screens and guards also securely attached their primary support? 

Vanity and vanity cabinets
Are cabinets and countertops in good shape and free from wear and tear? Do drawers and cabinet doors have child safety locks?  Is the area properly caulked and sealed to avoid unintended water penetration?  Are lights and mirrors surrounding the area properly maintained?

Electrical outlets and light switches
Do they all have appropriate covers? Do timed lights allow adequate time before turning off?  Are electrical outlets protected with safety plugs when not in use?  Are ground fault receptacles (GFCI) on all outlets near sinks and water sources?

Are the toilets free from water leaks near the base? Does the water shut-off valve work? Are the pipes under the sink dry and not showing signs of moisture or corrosion?  Does the water faucet shut-off completely without residual drips? Do the pipes drain quickly without water backing up into the sink basin?  Does the toilet continuously run to maintain its water level?

Functional Safety and Maintenance:

Toilets and urinals
Are the toilet seats tight and secure to the base? Is the base secure to the floor?  Do the levers operate appropriately? Are the safety handrails mounted in appropriate areas and properly attached to a support structure?  Do the sanitary receptacles have proper covers and attachments?  Are seat cover dispensers available and attached correctly?

Diaper stations
Are safety warnings and instructions for use clearly displayed?  Are the safety straps and tables in good working order?  Are they kept clean and sanitized?  Are proper waste receptacles provided?

Soap, sanitation and hand dryers
Do you have enough properly working soap and sanitation dispensers?  Are electric hand dryers labeled with instructions for use and safety/warning labels? 

Cleaning, supplies and emergency needs
Do the restrooms have appropriate cleaning supplies with proper labels and safety warnings?  Are they stored securely? Are emergency plungers and other helpful devices readily available? Are protective gear and gloves available to avoid unsafe contact with surfaces?  Is waste from receptacles properly disposed of in a timely manner?  And finally, are paper towels, soap and toilet paper replenished and properly stocked?




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