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July 2018 Newsletter


    4th of July

The 4th of July is an exciting time for our communities.  There is no shortage of events, parades and celebrations to enjoy.  If your congregation is looking forward to joining the festivities by hosting a special event or participating in others, please remember to discuss them with the insurance carrier.


Fireworks are best left to the professionals.  They are inherently dangerous and should not be set off by amateurs.  Leave the fireworks displays to the city or other groups.  Likewise, organizations should not participate in the sale of fireworks for fundraising purposes.


Parades are a fun way to connect to your community.  However, safety is a concern!  Pulling trailers filled with people is not recommended.  Trailers are not designed to haul people and lack the critical components to keep individuals safe.  Also, riding in the back of a pickup truck has similar concerns and therefore not advised.  Those driving insured vehicles must be approved and pass the insurance company’s driver requirements.   Any individual driving their own vehicle should be aware that they are assuming the risk associated with their auto.  Walking and handing out pamphlets and other messages is the safer option. 


If you plan an offsite celebration please be aware of the added insurance requirements associated with using an alternate space.  Do you need certificates, proof of insurance or carrier approval?  These items take time to process so please allow ample lead time to accommodate your request.  If your celebration is open to the public, charges admission, serves and/or sells food or alcohol, underwriting approval will be required.  Any type of celebration outside the realm of a traditional service should be presented to your insurance provider to confirm you have the proper coverage in place.

Please remember it is always best to double check with your insurance provider about coverage limitations and requirements for all special events.  Better safe than sorry!
In recognition of Independence Day, we will be closed Wednesday, July, 4, 2018.




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