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June 2011 Newsletter


    Mission Travel, Goodwill & Safety

The need for a helping hand is seen throughout the world. Due to natural disasters or economic and social hardships, people suddenly find themselves in dire situations. As a result, many religious congregations find themselves called upon to provide what they can to help those who are in need. Their missions often focus on those living within their own community. However, sometimes they wish to purse world-wide missions to provide aid on a much larger scale.

The good news:  People care and are willing to rise to the occasion in an attempt to help others in need.

The challenge:  How do we keep church members adequately insured and protected while serving on humanitarian and mission trips?

Things to consider: 

  • Have you contacted your insurance provider to discuss necessary and available coverage options for such projects?
  • Do participants have proper international travel paperwork?
  • Do participants have proper immunization and medical clearance?
  • Have you acquired necessary waivers, etc. from all participants?
Please remember to allow ample time to establish proper coverage, safeguards and guidelines prior to a departure date.
At Church Underwriters, we have access to GuideOne’s MissionGuard International Travel Coverage program. Please contact us at to request a brochure and application.





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