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June 2013 Newsletter


    Hot, Hot, Hot


At this time of the year, air conditioning can be considered a blessing.  Even if you do not have central air, options such as fans, window units and alternate cooling techniques play an important role in our summer comfort.  Please take a moment to consider the following summer cooling tips and precautions.
Central A/C units:
  Yearly professional inspection and maintenance

  • Check for Freon leaks
  • Inspect electrical connections and components
  • Inspect and clean the coils, condenser and filters
  • Calibrate thermostat
  • Tune-up motor and related mechanical functions
  • Secure the A/C unit on a level slab

  Regular owner inspection and maintenance

  • Change filters
  • Clear debris from the A/C unit
  • Keep plants, shrubs and fencing a good distance from unit
  • Program the thermostat for occupied and unoccupied times

Window A/C units:

  • Seal gaps around window units as cool air will escape and hot air will infiltrate
  • Inspect electrical cord and socket for wear and tear
  • Turn off and unplug unit when the space is unoccupied
  • Remove exterior debris from unit
  • Clean and replace filter

Free-standing and ceiling fans:

  • Secure free-standing fans away from high traffic areas
  • Keep them out of the reach of children
  • Avoid the use of extension cords
  • Turn off and unplug fans when the space is unoccupied
  • Perform regular professional electrical inspection on ceiling fans and inspect brackets and blades for secure attachment to the ceiling and base

As always, we recommend hiring a licensed professional to perform all inspections.  Do not allow anyone other than a hired professional to ascend to the ceiling or roof for fan and/ or a/c unit inspections.



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