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June 2014 Newsletter


    Storage Shed Security

Those inclined to steal and vandalize property look for crimes of opportunity.  When the temperature gets warm we see an increase in petty theft and vandalism claims involving storage sheds.  These structures are usually discretely tucked on the outskirts of the property and are not easily visible from the street.  They often do not have the same security provisions as the church building itself.  And, they are home to expensive lawn and maintenance equipment.  If you add these issues together, you have a tempting crime of opportunity.

  • Analyze where to place your storage shed.  Select a location that has good visibility.  Sometimes the safe location may not be the most aesthetically pleasing location.
  • Limit unnecessary vegetation, shrubs and other landscape features which may provide a hiding place for thieves to work unnoticed.
  • Scrutinize the security situation.  How easy is it to gain access?  If you have clearly visible reinforced doors, windows, locks or motion detectors and alarms, you will likely be a less appealing target.


  • Secure the contents inside the building.  If thieves gain access and see a complicated maze of locks and inconveniences they may change their mind and move onto another target.
  • Remove keys from the ignitions of mowers, etc.
  • Padlock the expensive maintenance tools to a secure base or in a secured bin.
  • Angle or park lawn mowers and other equipment in a way that prevents quick   removal.  A few extra minutes for a maintenance crew may be well worth it if it prevents a theft claim.

Please remember crimes of opportunity include quick, undetectable and easy access to a target.  If you advertise any of these options, your location may be at risk.  We encourage you to investigate suitable protection options for your storage shed, out-building and contents.



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