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June 2016 Newsletter


    Expiration Dates

Tick-Tock! Items in your possession may be expired.  That little date printed on numerous items is important and often overlooked.  In the buzz of congregation life, we may easily forget to keep a keen eye on items available to the public.  However, it is important to review and discard expired items.  While you might be willing to gamble with that jug of borderline milk in your own refrigerator, it’s not wise to do so with items available to your congregation.


Inspect all emergency, first aid and medicine cabinets.  Simple everyday items like aspirin/ibuprofen, ice packs, bandages, medicated ointments, disinfecting sprays, sunscreen, allergy medications, sanitary items, soap and lotion may all have expiration dates.   Is it time to toss out the old and update those first aid kits?


Open the cabinets, freezers and refrigerator doors!  Everything from coffee and tea to more obvious perishable items may be past their prime.  Even frozen and canned goods!  A jug of non-dairy creamer for Sunday fellowship may be a staple on the banquet table, but it may have been around for one too many services.  Toss out all expired food and beverage items and restock accordingly.


A chirping fire detector will announce its upcoming expiration and demand replacement.  However, other items like flashlight batteries, water filters, fire extinguishers and air filters may need inspection and replacement.    Encourage your building committee and staff to remove and replace outdated items.


This is a vast category, but one that leaves open the opportunity to keep a keen eye on often overlooked items.  Take a quick inventory of the obvious and even more subtle items in your possession.  It may be time to replace items rather than taking a chance with an expired item.




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