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June 2017 Newsletter


    Outdoor Worship

The thought of enjoying a summer worship service outdoors is quite appealing.  The surrounding splendors are sure to enhance and inspire your weekly service.  It is an opportunity many find uplifting and hard to pass up!  As always, with any type of special event, we encourage you to inquire about special insurance requirements.  Here are a few ideas to consider as preparations get underway.

Are you going to hold the service onsite?


  1. Inspect the outdoor area for holes, uneven surfaces, stumps or other trip/fall hazards. Is the worship area properly marked and outlined to avoid unsafe wandering about your premises.  Is a walkway clearly provided to help direct the flow of pedestrian traffic?
  2. Are all members easily able to access the outdoor area?  Are mobility devices safely able to traverse the terrain?
  3. Do you need extra help to set-up chairs and other necessary elements of the service?   Is it necessary to rent a tent, table or chairs?  What are the insurance requirements for such items?
  4. Do you have a back-up plan for inclement weather?
  5. Are first aid products easily accessible from the temporary location?  Have ushers and regular volunteers been clearly informed of their responsibilities to help manage the temporary location safely?

Are you going to hold a service offsite?

  1. What are the insurance requirements for the city park, band shell or other location?  Will a Certificate of Insurance and/or Additional Insured status be needed?  What are the possible fees, time requirements and insurance needs for such items?
  2. Does the offsite location have appropriate parking, restroom facilities and emergency access if needed?  Is the location safe and free from trip/fall hazards and other unsafe elements?
  3. What are the insurance requirements for transporting property to the location?  Is coverage available to protect your items while in transit?  Do you need to add coverage for protection while offsite?
  4. What are the plans for inclement weather, etc.?  Is there a storm shelter?  Do you have a cancellation notification plan?
  5. Do you have portable and appropriate first aid?  Do you have enough volunteers to greet guests and safely guide them to the worship site?

There are important insurance requirements for such events.  Please contact your insurance provider to insure you have all the proper coverages in place and meet underwriting criteria.  While outdoor worship services are a wonderful experience, they are considered to be outside of normal operating functions and often require additional underwriting.



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