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March 2010 Newsletter


    Theft of Money Safeguards

As churches eagerly prepare for the Easter celebration, many exciting services and activities will begin to take shape. These festivities will allow our congregations to graciously host visiting families, friends and loyal church members. Along with such an increase in parishioners, many of our congregations may also be blessed with an increase in donations, offerings and tithing.

To protect against any unwelcome crime, please consider the following:
  1. Have a clear, documented procedure for the collection and counting of offerings.
  2. Two or more unrelated adults should be assigned to count and deposit the funds.
  3. Collections should not be taken home. Whenever possible, make the deposit the same day as collected. When this is not possible, have a safe, secure and discreet place to lock and store the funds.
  4. Bank accounts should be reconciled by someone not authorized to deposit or withdraw.
  5. Have an annual audit or review of the church’s finances by a certified public accountant.

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