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March 2011 Newsletter


    Monthly Maintenance & Inspection Checklist

Anyone who owns property understands the long list of maintenance needs required to maintain, update and properly care for their structure. Often “big ticket” items like the roof, windows or key mechanical systems take priority. However, many small maintenance needs are equally important in maintaining the safety and vitality of a building, yet sometimes go untouched. 

Do you have a monthly checklist to use when caring for the supporting components of your building? If not, perhaps its time to develop a quick monthly inspection checklist.
Please consider the following when tailoring a checklist appropriate for your needs:
  • Test fire alarms, detectors and extinguishers. Do batteries need to be replaced? Do extinguishers need to be inspected or refilled?
  • Does the building have carbon monoxide detectors? Are they functional?
  • Are there the appropriate number of exit signs? Are the emergency lights working?
  • Replace air filters.
  • Investigate all sinks, toilets and drains for drips or leaks.
  • Test doors for properly functioning hinges and locks.
  • Check guard rails and safety rails for safety.
  • Inspect all pilot lights. Have they gone out?
  • Is the sump pump operating? Are other similar pieces of secondary equipment operational?
  • Are simple things like flashlights, light bulbs and outlet covers in good working order?
With regular checks of these and other items, churches can help to ensure proper working order and prevent losses from occurring.



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