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March 2012 Newsletter


    Safety Drills

It is no small task to successfully usher a large number of people to safety in an emergency.  It requires excellent training, instruction, and a calm demeanor by those in leadership roles.  The more familiar your congregation, volunteers and staff are with what to do in the event of an emergency, the better the chances of survival. 

Below are three basic examples of drills which may benefit a congregation.  To get started, post a note in the newsletter or bulletin alerting the congregation of the potential for an upcoming drill.  Perhaps even make a brief announcement during a weekly service to remind everyone of the drill.  It is recommended to provide adequate instruction, clearly mark the evacuation routes and post proper signage to direct congregates to safety.  Also, it is important to provide appropriate training and instruction for the staff, ushers and volunteers who may be in a leadership role.  At the very least, take time to formulate a plan and familiarize key players with the procedures.  Every second counts in an emergency situation! 

Tornado Drill:  Locate and mark the safe interior locations suitable for people to assemble.

Fire Drill:  Designate an outdoor gathering spot a safe distance from the structure.

Violent Incident Drill:  Identify and post suitable locations for congregates to retreat.


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