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March 2019 Newsletter


    Spring Clean-Up Safety

The first burst of warm spring air sets in motion the annual spring clean-up.  We are anxious to get started on projects, updates and sprucing up our space after a long winter of hibernation.  In doing so, we need to remember that those who volunteer are the insured’s responsibility and a potential liability claim.  Please exercise strict rules and guidelines as to what is allowed for your workers and what tasks must be hired out to a professional company. 

Not Recommended:

  • Anything over head height including use of scaffolding, ladders or lifts; tree removal or trimming; roof inspections or repair; or gutter and soffit inspection or repair
  • Work involving power tools, chainsaws or landscape equipment including construction or demolition 
  • Electrical or plumbing work

Safer Options:

  • Work performed at ground level or with a step stool
  • Work involving manual or hand tools such as a paint brush, shovel, broom, mop, hammer, screw driver, wrench or clippers
  • Light cosmetic work, general maintenance, basic cleaning or light yard work
  • Work in pairs, which may provide an extra set of hands or a second opinion to avoid a lapse in judgement or an oversight in safety requirements 

Remember, what someone does at their home is their choice.  What is allowed at your premises is your choice.  Encourage and require strict adherence to safety requirements. 




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