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May 2010 Newsletter


    Spring Clean-up - Part II

In our April newsletter, we encouraged our insureds to assess the interior condition of their properties. This month we would like you to take a step outside and ponder a simple “Spring Checklist” for the exterior. 

1. Parking Lot and Sidewalks
  • Are they free of cracks, potholes and other trip and fall liability exposures?
  • Are the entrance points to the building safe and in good shape?
  • Do warning markers, signs, curbs or exterior lighting need maintenance or repair?
2. Trees, Shrubs & Landscaping
  • Do dead tree limbs, trees or shrubs need to be removed?
  • Are all landscape features properly maintained?
  • Is the ground around the structure properly sloped to avoid water seepage?
3. Building
  • Have inspections been made to the roof, siding, windows, gutters/downspouts, flashing, foundation, paint/stain, caulking of joints and seams, chimney, etc?
  • Are there signs of insect or pest infestations?
  • Has the building been prepared to prevent against vandalism, break-in’s and crime?
A little preventative maintenance can go a long way in protecting and preserving our religious structures.  Please remember professional service should be obtained to perform all tasks involving any degree of risk or technical skill, including and not limited to any use of power tools or work at any elevation.
Please contact us at 800.869.8904 if you have any questions.



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