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May 2012 Newsletter


    Vehicle Safety

It is not uncommon for a congregation to own one or more vehicles. The vehicles provide access to new experiences, outreach opportunities and much more. However, they also provide an increased risk and responsibility on behalf of the church. This month is driver safety month and we encourage you to brush up on your vehicle and driver safety procedures and requirements.


  • Establish a reasonable list of properly trained, licensed and experienced drivers.
  • Provide and maintain a complete and current list of drivers and driver information. Communicate all changes to your insurance provider.
  • Pursue and require compliance with all insurance guidelines, license requirements, etc.


  • Inspect vehicles using a checklist before and after each trip.
  • Maintain vehicles according to the guidelines established by the manufacturer.
  • Understand the extra care and consideration required for 15-passenger vans and buses. These vehicles can be inherently dangerous and difficult to operate, especially for the inexperienced. Your carrier may have special operational requirements and restrictions for these vehicles.


  • Hold mandatory vehicle safety and training meetings for all approved drivers.
  • Review the requirements to be a safe volunteer driver.
  • Educate drivers on everything from conservative driving skills to how to change a tire.
By following these basic and common sense steps, our churches can further protect themselves and their members.