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May 2018 Newsletter


    Electrical Safety

The month of May is National Electrical Safety Month, a perfect opportunity to remind everyone about the importance of electrical updates, maintenance and safety.  It is incredibly important to remember that this area is certainly one that requires professional expertise.  While well intended, it is not an area that you want to rely on volunteer or custodial help.  Only a licensed, insured, bonded and trained electrician can offer the proper repair, maintenance and safety required to keep your electrical system up-to-code and in good working order.

  Updates and Maintenance

The benefit of a professional inspection is invaluable.  They are able to locate potential areas of concern and properly repair problems.  An electrician can also let you know what no longer meets code and make the updates to insure your property is up-to-date.  They may also have helpful recommendations for new energy efficient options.  A professional electrician can provide the peace of mind that the job is being done correctly, with trained proficiency using quality materials and adherence to local codes.  The other added benefit is that your insurance provider will likely need to know when the last professional inspection was done on your electrical system.  This gives you a documentation of proof of ongoing preventative maintenance.


The big picture safety concerns can be significantly reduced by having a licensed professional electrician inspect your property.  The more generic concerns can certainly be alleviated by your property management team.  For example, insert electrical outlet plugs in all electrical outlets.  Remove excess cords from overloaded electrical outlets.  Prevent the use of multiple surge protection strips in outlets. Utilize properly rated electrical cords.  And, avoid using ladders, scaffolding and lifts to replace lights.  Those lights at the top of the sanctuary are meant for professional replacement and maintenance.  Also, please remember electrical currents and electrocution are a concern risk of working on lights in high places.  Please stay vigilant in your requirements to only allow your electrician to handle the more significant electrical related needs.




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