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November 2011 Newsletter


    Ice, Snow and Frozen Pipes

Winter is quickly approaching and for many of us the cold and snow will be here soon!

Along with seasonal changes also comes a change in how we maintain and protect our buildings. Please take a moment to establish an evaluation process and checklist to help survive the winter unscathed. 
Do you see ice dams and ice formations hanging from the roof edges?

Please refer to our November 2010 newsletter on ice dams.
Do you have excessive snow pack on the roof?

Our roof tops are designed to be sturdy structures. However, in years when we experience an excessive amount of ice and snow, a roof structure is asked to withstand more weight than it is designed to manage. When a roof is no longer able to support the massive weight, the results may be structural cracks or a devastating roof collapse. Such results can debilitate daily operations and cause expensive insurance claims. If you have any doubt that your roof is pushing its maximum weight capacity or if ice dams are forming, please contact a professional immediately to inspect and clear your roof of snow and ice. 
Are all pipes properly protected?

Water damage resulting from a frozen and burst pipe is expensive and messy! When pipes burst, there are several possible causes: The internal temperature of the structure has dropped to an unsafe level and/or the pipes are insufficiently insulated. Be sure all properties are being inspected daily to monitor internal temperature. Also, check pipes for exposure to cold air drafts which can adversely affect the temperature of the pipe.
A little prevention can go a long way!





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