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November 2012 Newsletter


    Furnace Safety and Inspection

When the cold weather arrives, we kick the mechanical functions of our furnace into high gear.  With a simple flip of a switch, we trigger the furnace to start pumping warm air into our surroundings.  But wait…what else can happen when we flip the thermostat switch?  Just like all mechanical equipment there are many working pieces which are susceptible to failure.   We recommend inspecting your furnace for deficiencies before the cold weather arrives.  A simple call to a heating professional will safeguard your building from a furnace related disaster.
Easy Visual Checks:

  • Is the pilot light burning in a constant shade of blue?
  • Is the furnace filter being changed on a regular basis?
  • Are the exterior vents clear of debris, snow or other elements?
  • Is the area surrounding the furnace clear of items and debris?

Trained Visual Checks:

  • Are the valves, switches and controls in good shape?
  • Is the thermostat connection working properly?
  • Have cracks or leaks developed within the unit or heating system?
  • Has rust formed?

Problems associated with furnaces can range from Carbon Monoxide leaks, with poisonous and deadly consequences, to a complete system failure resulting in frozen water pipes, burst water pipes and expensive water damage.  So to protect human life and to protect our places of worship, please have your furnace inspected to be sure it is updated and in good working order.
Stay Warm!




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