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November 2014 Newsletter


    Holiday Financial Safety

There are special times during the year when a congregation’s generosity is witnessed through an increase in tithing.  It’s not uncommon to receive an increase in giving during the holidays, commemorative services or special events.  It is during these special times that members and non-members alike see fit to provide a little extra in the offering. 
As we approach the holiday season, an increase in tithing and funds may be bestowed upon your organization.  We ask you to sit down with your church board, finance committee and insurance representative to review your financial safeguards.  While no one is immune to the risk of burglary or theft, there are many safeguards to implement to help protect your assets.  Please review our simple suggestions to help protect your ministry and be good stewards of financial gifts at every level.


  1. Do you have a clear procedure for the collection, counting and depositing of funds?
  2. Are two or more unrelated adults assigned to count, sign and deposit the funds?
  3. Is there an independent audit of funds?
  4. Are checks marked “For Deposit Only”?
  5. Do you have a secure and discreet place to lock and store the funds?
  6. Are passwords, codes and combinations limited to those who have cleared proper background checks?
  7. Are ushers properly trained on how to handle the offerings?
  8. Do you have a plan in place in the event of a breach, burglary or theft?
  9. Have you considered adding Special Theft Coverage for those times when tithing is known to increase?
  10. Do you have adequate Money and Security coverage in place?

We wish you a very safe and blessed holiday season!


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