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November 2016 Newsletter



November is Non-Profit Awareness month.  What an excellent time to rally behind the idea of giving!  We give thanks for our blessings and in this month we are reminded to give back and lift up those in our community. 
  Selection Process

Gather information about the local non-profit groups in your area.  Narrow in on several groups which make sense for your congregation to support.  Contact the non-profit groups and ask what items they may need to help aid those seeking support and care.  Ask if they provide on-site pickup of donated items or will you need to arrange transportation of goods to a certain location? 

Decide if you have an appropriate area in your building to safely collect and receive donated items.  Is there a safe place to lock and store the collections?  Do you have the necessary drop off bins and tables for safe and easy accessibility?  Will you want to have people present to accept and personally receive donations?  Will this require setting specific donation times?  During services?  Bible Study?  Youth group meetings?

Allow time to prepare and plan.  Notify your congregation well in advance of the upcoming donation drive.  They will also need time to plan and collect their donations.  Offer reminders and place bulletins in key locations.  Let them know exactly what type of donations you are seeking and when donations can be dropped-off. 

Finally, give thanks for your generous congregation and look forward to the joy of giving by supporting our non-profits and those they serve within our community.



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