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October 2012 Newsletter


    Inventory Protection

If you closed your eyes, could you remember every item currently in your office?  In the event of a loss, you may find yourself blindly rummaging through your memory to recall the missing, damaged or stolen items.  However, with a concise and updated inventory list it is easy to retrieve important information.  We recognize this can be an immense undertaking for any size congregation, but we encourage you to be patient, establish a trustworthy group of workers and tackle this project with confidence.

First Step: Create a simple inventory grid 

  1. Denote the building and room in the upper left hand corner of the page (church office, sanctuary, kitchen, classroom).
  2. Add small categories along the top margin of the page (serial number, model number, quantity, purchase price).
  3. List all items in the room along the left margin (computer, pulpit, pots & pans, audio visual equipment). 

Church Office        
  Serial Number Model Number Quantity Purchase Price
Fax Machine        
Second Step: Document 
  1. Take digital photos of each item.
  2. Upload photos to a computer.
  3. Make a CDROM to store with the hard copy inventory list.

Third Step: Transfer to a computer 

  1. Keep a hard copy inventory list at the church and in a secondary location.
  2. Keep an electronic file on a computer for ongoing updates and easy access.

By following these steps, your church can ensure appropriate compensation following a covered loss.


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