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September 2010 Newsletter


    I Love a Piano... and Organs, Too!

September is National Piano Month and what better time to highlight two of the more valuable members of our worship services: Our pianos and organs. 

Pianos and organs are long-term investments which require us to clean, tune and inspect them on a regular basis. In addition, specialized and unique insurance coverage is important and vital in protecting them against unforeseen peril.
Please consider the following:
1.      Pipe organs which are attached to a building are typically included in the building limit. Often the value is determined by the number of ranks making up an organ.
2.      Freestanding pianos and organs are often included in the contents limit. For unique or expensive items in this category, an inland marine floater may be a better option.
3.      Professional evaluations and inspections are highly recommended to help determine the proper insurable limits needed for pipe organs.
4.      Investing in proper lightning and surge protection will help protect electrical organs and pianos from expensive and potentially debilitating damage due to a passing storm.
5.      Fluctuations in humidity and heat can adversely affect the health and longevity of a piano or organ. It is recommended to store them on an inside wall, away from vents and clear of any obvious moisture sources.



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