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September 2013 Newsletter


    Fellowship Gatherings


A major goal of a healthy congregation is to continually foster a strong sense of community among its members.   The fellowship opportunities provided by a religious institution range from youth group activities to bible study to a spaghetti supper.  In the event you choose to host a fellowship supper, we encourage you to consider the following safeguards to insure a joyous and safe gathering:
Food Safety –

  • Avoid cross-contamination
  • Keep prepared food at a proper temperature
  • Sterilize all eating and prep surfaces before and after service
  • Remind everyone to wash their hands
  • Provide and require gloves and hair nets be worn when preparing and serving meals
  • Properly label all food to alert the public of potential allergy complications

Facility Safety –

  • Inspect tables, chairs, dining and kitchen facilities for damaged or broken elements
  • Child-proof all serving tables to avoid heavy or hot items from being pulled or tipped over onto a child
  • Avoid excessive use of extension or electrical cords which may obstruct walk ways
  • Quickly clean-up spilled food or drink and provide proper signage to denote wet surfaces
  • Prepare an end-of-day checklist to insure things like appliances are turned off, water is not running, the thermostat is set at appropriate temperature and the building is vacant and secured

Following these simple steps will provide for safer gatherings.




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