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September 2014 Newsletter


    Building Maintenance

Building updates are critical to the protection, longevity, safety and security of a structure.  A lack of recent updates may suggest a possible system or structural deficiency.  Such deficiencies are a precursor to claims and safety concerns.  It is suggested that key system updates are performed every 10 years.  It is important to hire a licensed and insured professional to inspect, address and repair necessary updates and deficiencies.  Consider staggering inspections so each year your budget can more easily allow for structural updates and maintenance needs. 
Older systems were likely not designed to support the myriad of electronic devices we operate each day and may be taxed beyond their original capacity.  Therefore, updates should be considered to keep your aging system safe and functional.  Things like knob-and-tube wiring, overloaded electrical panels, incorrect installation, ventilation and modifications to a system can all be cause for alarm. A faulty electrical system may function and sit silent for years yet be prone to significant damage upon its failure.
HVAC and Boilers
Heating and cooling systems are a great source of comfort.  However, they are mechanical and require regular maintenance to function properly.  Boiler explosions and leaks, furnace failure resulting in frozen and burst pipes and carbon monoxide leaks are all examples of mechanical failures which may be catastrophic and yet easily preventable with inspections and maintenance.
The vast majority of our plumbing network is hidden and not easily accessible.  As a result, a problem may simmer for quite some time before it emerges as a significant water claim.  A professional will easily be able to establish points of concern with a thorough inspection.  Things like a blockage, corrosion, environmental effects, leaks, deterioration due to age and poor installation are all reasons for a failure.  The resulting failure may be water backup, burst pipes, excess moisture and mold growth and structural compromise. 
A missing shingle, the slight curling of a shingle or noticeable pooling of water may not seem significant, but it is an indication that the roof is no longer properly protected.  Initially, these deficiencies may result in moisture leaking into the attic and down into the building. If the damage is left unattended for too long the leak can lead to mold, deterioration of support beams and floor joists and an unsafe structural environment.  Without timely roof maintenance you may face damage beyond a simple roof repair and find yourself navigating expenses related to damage not covered due to deferred maintenance and normal wear and tear.




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