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September 2016 Newsletter


    Nursery Safety

The option of having a nursery available during a weekly service is a blessing!  The convenience and care provided is a welcome benefit for all parents who gather and worship each week.  A great nursery not only provides top-notch care in a nurturing environment, it also provides a safe environment for kids.  To insure your nursery exceeds expectations and truly offers a safe haven please consider the following.

Each and every piece of furniture should be bolted and grounded to avoid being pulled on top of a student.  Young kids grab items and pull themselves up to a standing position all the time.  If a coffee table, bookshelf, TV/audio cart, etc. are not properly secured it along with its contents will topple a child.  Serious injury can occur and yet by bolting to a wall or anchoring to the floor, a piece of furniture becomes safe and more secure.

Electrical outlets, cords, lamps, electronic devices and chargers are all on the list of danger.  Unintended strangulation can occur if a child gets tangled in a cord.  By pulling cords attached to lamps and like items, a child could be burned by hot lightbulb, or injured when an item gets pulled on top of them.  Electrical outlets should be protected when not in use so electrocution is avoided. 

Inspect all toys and games to insure they are in good working order and suitable for young hands.  Torn, damaged, cracked or broken items should be discarded.  All toys should be separated into age appropriate zones.  Small pieces suitable for one age group may not be appropriate for all, so to avoid choking hazards keep a keen eye on toy placement.  And of course, keep all toys sanitary and clean.

Be sure changing tables, cribs, etc. meet current safety standards.  Review the first aid kits, station and procedures for ease of use.   All fire extinguishers, emergency lights and fire detectors should be operational.  Window blinds, decorations, rugs and related items should be secured, appropriate for the room and out of the way.  




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